Azur Lane Regensburg Undressable Dakimakura


The Iron Blood light cruiser Regensburg, wielder of the Darksteel Dragon— and I already know all of your tricks. Hahaha, do not think I will be so easily manipulated like the other girls! (Roooar!)

Product Information:

  • Artist: Ada S
  • Series: Azur Lane
  • Variant: All Ages, R18, Undressable, Oppai Mouse Pad
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This is artist original design. Goods sold on places like Ebay, Yahoo Auctions, Amazon and/or Aliexpress are counterfeit.   Those bootleg (image tracing or scale up our listing image) - low resolution and poor quality products.  A portion of the payment goes to support the original artist/studio that create the design so that they can continue to design more!