Azur Lane

  1. Azur Lane Regensburg Undressable Dakimakura


    The Iron Blood light cruiser Regensburg, wielder of the Darksteel Dragon— and I already know all of your tricks. Hahaha, do not think I will be so easily manipulated like the other girls! (Roooar!)

    Product Information:

    • Artist: Ada S
    • Series: Azur Lane
    • Variant: All Ages, R18, Undressable, Oppai Mouse Pad
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  2. Azur Lane Noshiro Dakimakura

    "I'm the new arrival, Noshiro, second ship of the Agano-class, reporting for duty. Let's do our utmost to prove our worth to each other, shall we?"

    From "Azur Lane" comes another new design of Noshiro, light cruiser of the Sakura Empire! 

    Her beautiful flowing black hair, calm eyes and slender legs—every element of Noshiro's stunning beauty has been captured by our talented artist: YUJ. Be sure to add her to your collection!

    Product Information:

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  3. Azur Lane Nagato: Guardian Fox's Procession

    This design is Azur Lane Nagato in her Guardian Fox's Procession skin, illustrated by artist: Grandia Bing

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